Phillips Gallery Of Fine Art

A gallery filled with original painting and sculpture by international artists, including the allegorical surrealism of Jeff Faust, landscapes in oil by Greg Cartmell, Barbera, and Marcel Favreau, as well as the watercolor images of Isobel George and Ruth Basler Burr.

Has the countrys most extensive collection of original paintings by the 84-year-old renowned British master, Harold Hitchcock. Another represented artist, Andrew T. Jackson, has been called the "most intriguing local artist of 1999" for his surrealistic work.

The gallery also showcases the original stone sculpture of internationally acclaimed artists Gedion Nyanhongo, Nicholas Mkomberanwa and Norbert Shamuyarira of Zimbabwe. Described as the most important new form of art to emerge from Africa in this century, Zimbabwe stone sculpture offers an insightful view into the cultural and traditional beliefs of the Zimbabwe people.

The gallery is open daily.

Photo Gallery