Lisa's Studio

Lisa's Studio

Lisa Bryan captures the Artist spirit of Carmel with her Sketches of Carmel & Carmel , originals, prints, cards
Specializes in: Home portraits and dog portraiture

Lisa Bryan Sketches of Carmel & Carmel A treasure by the Sea

I produce a pictorial maps. Special only to Carmel - fully illustrated maps in watercolors serves as street guides as well shopping guides - they are lovely souvenirs. The entire village, trees and the ocean represented in a two-sided, full color poster.

Lisa Bryan is a British-born artist from artistic parents. Having lived and painted nearly all around the globe, she has acquired an eclectic style of artistic expression. She is curious and adventurous and enjoys all aspects of art and creating something where there once was nothing.

Bryans painting of horses, drawings and etchings all began when she was about seven years old. Her father painted, so there was always art material around and Lisas schoolbooks were margined with doodles of horses. At age fourteen she took first prize in Pacific exhibitions in Vancouver, received awards from the Latham Foundation and national UNICEP Poster contests.

Original Pet Equine Portraits as well as wine scenes and vineyards.

Private commissions are offered with Lisa Bryans artistic expression of your loved pet and are created capturing the spirit and character of each one for you to treasure.

Lisas studio is conveniently situated in the middle of downtown Carmel, in the Court of the Fountains where guests can enjoy the fine dining throughout the village and nearby shopping.

Lisa's Studio Collection

  • Map

  • Artists original paintings of Carmel

  • Pet portraits

  • Paintings customized for your home or business

  • Greeting cards with artistic Carmel images

  • Equine portraits

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