Philip Hawes Sat And Act Prep Tutoring Carmel's and Carmel Valley's Best SAT and ACT Prep Tutor. I was a college student when I started tutoring the SAT, PSAT, and ACT in 1997.  Since then I have worked for Ivy West (once the premier tutoring company in California, and then Sylvan bought it), Ivy League Prep, Cardinal Education, and other tutoring companies.  Now I tutor on my own. I took the NEW SAT in early 2009 (yeah, I was thirty-something!) to get official scores on the revamped SAT.  I got a 2390 out of 2400 points (OFFICIAL score).  Since then, I have tutored hundreds of SAT prep students.  I know the SAT backward and forward.  I know exactly what IS on the test and what IS NOT on the test. I explain everything in a simple fashion so that my students will understand.  I am infinitely patient with my students. I reiterate important ideas and restate them so they will be understood.  My tutoring sessions are intense, so intense that most students have only one 2-hour session per week. Contact me if you have any questions.  I am not cheap, but I am the best, period!
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