Superb Tutors — Monterey

We focus on high school and college-level math, science, and writing-intensive classes.  We now also offer French and Spanish tutoring with our languages instructors.



Superb Tutors is a network of tutors hand chosen by the original Superb tutor, Justin Smith.  Justin, a summa cum laude graduate of UC San Diego in molecular biology and now a PhD at Stanford, spent years working with science and math students.  He noticed that students often complained of bouncing from tutor to tutor because their tutors either didn't really understand the material, or didn't know how to teach it, or weren't committed to their students.  Justin started looking for other people who, like himself, not only enjoyed teaching, but had the background to back it up.  


Our standard is very high — each of our tutors undergoes two interviews, where we can understand their true subject strengths, their unique teaching style, and get a feel for their disposition.  Because our tutors are so thoroughly vetted, our students come back again and again, year after year, because they know their tutors are, well, superb.