Jim Miller Gallery

Owner/artist Jim Miller has developed a painting style over the last 33 years which gives a sharp, yet atmospheric quality that is both realistic and dimensional. Says Miller, who paints in his Carmel gallery, "I want my art to focus on the beauty of the world - the things we have around us that we often take for granted. I want my painting to look alive - so you feel you can step right into it and get lost. When you're working with oils or acrylics, everything has to be pre-planned. You have to know what you're going to do before; there's a lot of underpainting. You won't see anyone else painting like this. It's on the labor intensive side. It takes a long time to produce each work. I'm also using the old masters' techniques of glazing, which means the viewer is actually looking through several layers of paint."

This exciting gallery, which is the third oldest gallery in Carmel, offers posters, lithographs, giclees and repligraphs, in addition to Jim's original oil paintings.