Thomas Kinkade National Archive Gallery

The National Archive, founded in 1994, is located within the historic Harry A. Greene Mansion in Monterey, California.  The Archive welcomes collectors and admirers from around the world as they view the largest display of original work from Thomas Kinkade.  Oils, Sketches, Plein Air and Studio Work are all shown in a museum-like motif.  The surprise is that each piece, original and print, is available for purchase!

Although Thomas Kinkade has chosen to limit the availability of his original art since 1997, the National Archive presents earlier masterpieces that are historic and that complete the Kinkade legacy.  The newest releases in Limited Edition Canvas form may be viewed within the Mansion as well as images no longer available through the publisher such as San Francisco, California Street; Chandler's Cottage; and Placerville, Main Street, 1916.

The Harry A. Greene Mansion was completed in 1886.  Mr. Greene, recognized for many architectural and entrepreneurial achievements, lived in the mansion with his family until his passing in 1933.  Today, this historic home is one of but a dozen or so residences that remain whose features are that of the period's Moorish-Victorian style.  Built of clear-heart redwood and restored to it's original splendor, the Mansion and gardens can be toured by modern day admirers. Located at 361 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey, California.