Pat Areias Sterling Jewelers

Features hand-crafted men's and women's sterling buckles and unique sterling jewelry and accessories. Each piece reflects the artist-owners love of the classical Latin and Danish aesthetics, blending strong form and polished finish.

Known for her fine sterling buckles, exotic leathers and accessories, Pat Areias creates her one-of-a-kind artistian pieces with a style known throughout the world. Her shows in New York City on Madison Avenue and in Beverly Hills on Brighton Way, both showcase her love of beautiful silver, gold and gems, both natural forms and fine jewelers cuts. Her use of pearls and crystals in her belt buckles and jeweler creates a treasured gift item or a personal heirloom for the client to wear or use in their home.

Carmen is the Carmel Store manager and has a wealth of experience with all of their items. One of the top jewelers in the area and in the world.