Little Napoli

Italian. Carmel's rustic Italian Trattoria serves pizza, pasta and antipasti made from ingredients prepared fresh daily.

Featuring specialties from both Northern and Southern Italy, this Carmel restaurant strives to live up to its name by compiling a menu of global ingredients.

Enjoy a brief trip to Italy with Italian country cooking and warm hospitality as you remember it. Known by locals as "Carmel's little Italy".

Antipasti, regional country-style pastas, cannelloni, osso buco, risotto, crisp-crusted pizzas, local Monterey Bay seafood and traditional Italian homemade desserts.

Their dishes use seasonal herbs and vegetables from nearby small farms in the Salinas Valley, as well as locally hand-made mozzarella and goat cheese. From Italy they import Prosciutto di Parma, extra-virgin olive oil and aged cheeses such as Reggiano Parmesan and Pecorino Romano.

Their extensive wine list is 100% Italian, with the addition of French Champagne and wonderful Port from Portugal.