Monterey Bay Analytical Services

Monterey Bay Analytical Services (MBAS) was established in April 1999 to provide excellence in environmental analyses.

Principal founders, David Holland and Sigrid Weidner-Holland focus mainly on water quality; drinking, process, and wastewater. Recently, MBAS has expanding into organic analyses with the acquisition of a volatile GC/MS system.

MBAS prides itself in producing data that is scientifically sound and legally defensible.

MBAS is located in the beautiful Ryan Ranch Business Park in Monterey California.

MBAS supports the following programs:

SDA - Safe Drinking Water Act
CWA - Clean Water Act
NPDES – National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

MBAS areas of expertise:

         Organic chemistry
         Inorganic chemistry
         Physical testing