Lights of Rome

Lights Of Rome

The Lights of Rome is known for it's patronage of the lost arts. Their showroom is a stroll back in time to the Renaissance when families or artisians produced the masterpieces of furniture, glasswear, linens, silks and lighting that graced many a palace and ministry or catheral in Europe.
The collection of Murano glass dates back to 982 on the island of Murano where Arte Veneziana Arredo has been producing mouth-blown, hand-etched glass globlets and 17th & 18th century Venetian mirrors that can be seen to this day in their new collections at Lights of Rome.
Their mastros of wood carved furniture collection is presented by Casa D'Arte Paoletti, a family owned workshop since 1900. They have produced some of Italy's finestand most-famous funiture, renownf for their customized wood finishes and colors, each piece hand-carmed entirely by one of their two master woodcarvers. Their beauty and original designs must be seen in person to be believed.
All of their collections masterpieces