Deena Hakim DC

Deena Hakim Dc

Chiropractic frees up adhesions in the spine that can cause nerve impingment and decreased motion. When paired with myofascial release, treatments result in decreased scar tissue and trigger point sensitivity.
Scar tissue and trigger points lead to abnormal posture and muscle movement that underly many chronic problems.

Dr. Deena Hakim fits her treatments to the patient's needs; be it pain management or wellness care. Her care is a perfect mixture of gentle joint and muscle treatments to increase flexibility, reduce stiffness and create muscle balance and postural awareness.

Dr. Hakim's treatments last from 30-45 minutes and focus on breaking up scar tissue and introducing flexiblity to the spine and muscles. She recommends postural home exercises and active care to return the patient to their optimal wellness level more quickly.

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